The 10 Best Foods to Slow Down Ageing

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One of the best ways to feel great and stay looking young is to eat a nutritionally rich diet – but not all healthy foods are equal, as some have benefits that elevate them to the status of nutrient powerhouses.

In this round-up we’ve gathered the top 10 antioxidant rich foods that have the power to halt the ageing process and stop time in its tracks. These wonder foods do it all – from reducing wrinkles and firming sagging skin, to improving cholesterol levels, and reducing your risk of serious conditions, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


By feeding your body and mind properly, you can improve almost every area the ageing process impacts, prolonging life expectancy, lubricating your joints, and encouraging the production of collagen, which is essential for youthful looking skin.

Diet is a much better way of getting your daily nutrients hit than supplements, as the body more easily absorbs vitamins and minerals from food. Read on to discover the many benefits of our top 10 anti-ageing miracle foods, then take action to slow down the ageing process by incorporating them in your daily diet. All of the foods on our list of anti-ageing are natural and highly affordable – plus they are also easy to obtain, as they’re commonly found on the shelves of most supermarkets!

1. Watercress

Did you know that eating 80g of watercress daily could help to reverse wrinkles by up to 39%? That’s what one study, conducted by Edinburgh Napier University found – and the trial also discovered that this handy herbaceous improved energy levels and pore size, while decreasing the appearance of age spots!

Watercress is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, E, folate and iron – perfect for fighting free radical oxidative damage that’s known to accelerate the ageing process. Vitamin C also provides major collagen benefits, as it boosts the production of collagen, helping to ease arthritis and keep skin plump. The Vitamin A in watercress gets converted into beta carotene in the body, which is highly effective at combating free radical damage when it’s combined with Vitamin C. This makes watercress the ideal food to help prevent age-related conditions brought on by oxidative stress!

One research trial found a statistically significant odds reduction for the development of advanced age-related vision loss in participants who took beta carotene supplements. As 100g of watercress contains approximately 1914 µg of beta carotene, you’re better off getting your daily dose of beta carotene and Vitamin C by incorporating this zingy green into your diet instead.

Watercress is delicious in sandwiches, salads, or blended into smoothies and can also be used to garnish fish dishes or pasta. It’s such a powerhouse of nutrition that scientists claim it can even reduce your risk of cancer – research published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found it decreases many of the biomarkers related to cancer risk and increases blood levels of antioxidants!


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